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Defense in Depth I
Taught by:  Zahari Zahariev

Description:  One of the worst feelings for a defender is to allow the declarer to make an unmakeable contract. And of course, every defender loves to beat as many contracts as possible. An advanced defender needs to have good skills on visualizing the declarer's hand, to predict his/her plans and to find a way to counteract. If you want to improve your defensive skills, this class is for you. Five sessions of two hours each for counting, visualization, signaling and much in theory and in practice, with lots of examples. Special advice and complete notes will be provided after each session. [Mouse over for more information]

Date:       Thursday, August 20 at 6:00 pm  (New York time)
                (your local time)
Duration:  2 hours per week for 5 weeks

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Cost:  $75.00
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"I feel like the defensive lightbulb is beginning to come on." - Linda

"Chick's Defense Strategies taught me how to leave a trail of very unhappy declarers behind. Don't miss the rerun." - Kerrie

"I thought the lessons on What Finesse to Take were some of the most helpful bridge lessons I have ever taken." - Brock

"Thank you for all the great lessons. I wish I had met you earlier!" - Ina

"Cornelia's Endplays class is typical of her other classes - well prepared, covers the topics most likely to be encountered, and is very interactive. Be prepared to THINK if you take this class." - Fred

"Card Combinations is a fantastic class!" - Pashi

"Cornelia's Defence classes were really excellent -- so well presented with a lot of examples." - Eman

"Luis's Doubles class was divine! A great teacher!." - Hope

"I think I have learnt more from this lesson than any other. I did wonder how one could spend 6 hrs on hand evaluation, but now I understand. Excellent lesson." - Delma

"Cornelia, I have seen a lot of teachers teach, but I have never seen anyone teach as well as you did tonight. Honestly." - Sandy

"Cornelia is one of the best teachers that I have ever encountered. If you get the chance to take one of her classes, TAKE IT. DON'T MISS IT!" - Elizabeth

"The Which Finesse class has done more for my declarer play than any other class I've ever taken." - Richard

"It was a terrific class -- so much that I had never been taught or thought about!" - Virginia

"This was by far better than reading a bridge book." - Patricia

"Best class I've ever taken. The teacher was nice and incredibly helpful." - Robert

"Great experience, I will definitely be coming back to learn more." - Patsy

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